Through A Glass

One of the most beautiful, imagistic phrases found in the King James Version of the Bible is the phrase, “we see through a glass, darkly.”  The English Standard Version calls it “seeing in a mirror, dimly.”  Both images give us a perfect and beautiful description of what a life of faith in Christ is like from day to day.  We know, we believe, we see God’s salvation around us.  One day, we will fully know every implication of this love, as God knows us now.


I look around me, seeing beauty, seeing patterns, seeing repetitions, seeing God at work in good ways.  I see these things through the best and the worst our earth can hold.  I see God, but as if there is a veil, dimming my view, I do not understand all of life.  I write here about the beauty, about the repetition of life’s patterns, about the glimpses of God that I see through being a parent and a human, about the life with which our Creator has blessed us.

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