What I Read 2018

So again ths year I failed to write enough blog posts to even bother logging into this little site. BUT, I did read another 100 books and I have resolutions! Resolutions to log in, to open the app, to open the latptop, to think, write, and hit publish! Cheers to a new year!

Here’s the run down of my favorite reads for 2018



Bush Family/2018 events

When Barbara Bush passed away in April, I decided it was time to refresh my faded childhood memories of the 41st presidency.  I really loved re-Reading Millie’s Book with my girls, remembering reading it myself as a girl



Ok, really Mary Oliver just needs her own category  E34FCD02-124A-4B91-868D-6E51B03D96F7.jpegMemoir





With the Kids

We listened to these books on audiobook during car trips. We actually managed to read the entire Penderwick series (some multiple times!) this year and cannot wait to read the next Vanderbeekers book!


I inadvertently gave myself a refresher crash course in American history this year and totally enjoyed it.



Published by Alisa Luciano

Alisa Luciano lives in Southern New England. She teaches piano, writes, drags her two daughters to coffee shops, and takes photographs of beauty around her. She writes at Through A Glass and The Everyday New Englander. You can follow her on Twitter @alisaluciano

One thought on “What I Read 2018

  1. You just blew up my to-read list. So many good titles! We share a lot of favorites. Have you come across the Abigail Adams bio by Woody Holton?I’ve heard it’s truly phenomenal and especially great on audio. I plan to listen to it with the kids this year.

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